Supporting Communities to Flourish

Supporting Communities to Flourish

Conflict Resolution

Tony brings 30 years experience of peacebuilding in Northern Ireland and other countries into conflict resolution within and between individuals, organisations and communities.

Since 1985 Tony has worked in conflict transformation, supporting hundreds of groups and organisations on these issues. His international experience in post conflict countries includes working in in the Balkans (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia) where Tony shared his learning, methodologies and experiences from peacebuilding in Northern Ireland. In the 1980s he worked for a community development project (The 174 Trust) in North Belfast. During this time Tony lived on the peace line in Belfast. He shares his experiences of this in his memoir 'Little House on the Peace Line' (Blackstaff Press, 2017). Following his experience of living on and working across interfaces in Northern Ireland he developed a discussion paper proposing a process for the removal of ‘peace walls’ in Belfast. Click here for a copy of the discussion paper.

Today he provides consultancy support and coaching on conflict transformation to teams, organisations and communities. He also speaks at conferences and events on his experiences and views on non violence and conflict resolution.

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