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June 2013

Introduction to 'Breadboy' by Tony Macaulay

May 2013

Low Peace Impact Areas

July 2012

Walls Don't Work
Sept 2011

Tony reads his poem 'Talking to the Wall'.

June 2010

The introduction to Paperboy by Tony Macaulay
March 2010

Tony introduces his first book 'Paperboy' - a memoir of his childhood in Belfast in the 1970s.

November 2009

Tony Macaulay talks about the ongoing problem of sectarian division in Northern Ireland.

August 2009

A Thought For The Summer
May 2009

Tony introduces the 'Up Against the Wall' initiative

April 2009 Tony highlights the conditions that he believes would make it safe enough for peace walls to removed in Northern Ireland

Tony talks about his involvement in starting an integrated school in Northern Ireland

Tony introduces his discussion paper on a process for removing peace walls in Northern Ireland.