The outreach work for the Bill of Rights Forum was a challenging task, requiring a very diverse range of skills - from networking and communicating, through flexibility and willingness to change, to patience and resilience - in all of which Lesley Macaulay excelled.  The consideration of a potential Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland and its implications for victims has, unquestionably, been significantly enhanced as a result of Lesley's work
Professor Chris Sidoti
Northern Ireland Bill of Rights Forum 2007-2008

We in NICIE have linked with Macaulay Associates for a number of years
now and have always found that working with Tony is a real partnership
based on the key values of  openness, integrity, passion and honesty. We
could not ask for any more in a working colleague and friend. In our
experience, we can testify to the fact that our investment in Macaulay
Associates has always delivered well beyond our expectations. We are
sure that you will too

Michael Wardlow
Chief Executive Officer

Macaulay Associates provided an important service during the lifetime of
the Church of Ireland Hard Gospel Project. Tony Macaulay helped the
leadership team to develop an annual Evaluation process for the project.
This was invaluable in assessing the tangible progress of the Hard Gospel
Project - defining success and measures for assessing progress. Tony has
also been involved in facilitating key discussions regarding future
planning, and in discussing long-term strategy

Earl Storey
Church of Ireland Hard Gospel Project

As Director of a recently established organisation, I needed a company to develop and implement a communications strategy. I found that Macaulay Associates worked creatively to provide a professional, efficient and intelligent solution

Roger O’Sullivan

I would like to say that my and LLUK's experience with your work was
very positive. Especially, the flexibility and adaptability of your
approach, which ensured that our work got done to the required
standards, but within a very tight and challenging set of requirements
and circumstances

Chitro Ghose
Lifelong Learning UK

Rural Community Network as the foremost regional rural community development organisation for Northern Ireland has been supported in various aspects its work by Macaulay Associates.  The support and guidance provided by Macaulay Associates is always of the highest standard.  Tony and the team have the skills and capacity and importantly always a willingness to work flexibly and to be responsive to our needs
Gareth Harper

The broad range of skills and experience that Macaulay Associates bring to the often difficult strategic development process is second to none. Thanks to the ongoing support of Tony, we are ready to embrace a renewed vision, mission, aims and objectives. The approach is people centred and professional. We are now much better equipped to move confidently forward
Anne Carr
Community Dialogue

We have used the services of Macaulay Associates for more than five
years and found the work personable, professional, flexible and of the
highest standard. The Link as an organisation has benefited from learning, support and evaluation and I would highly recommend Tony’s work to others

Diane Holt

The Link Family & Community Centre

Lesley, thank you for your contribution to the Good Relations training element of RDC’s Maximising Community Space Programme.  Your knowledge and experience of Community Relations made it much easier for us to organise the training and your professional approach towards these groups has been evident in all our communications.  On behalf of RDC and the groups who undertook the Good Relations training, it has been a pleasure to work with you and we hope to avail of your skills again in the future
Deirdre Scullion

Programme Support Officer
Rural Development Council