Since the publication of his first book, 'Paperboy' in 2010 Tony has become a critically acclaimed bestselling author.

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Drawing on his experiences growing up in Northern Ireland, Tony has channeled his memories and observations into literature as another way of building conversations about peace and reconciliation. His debut, the critically acclaimed memoir 'Paperboy' (first published in Ireland in 2010) is a story that balances Northern Ireland's turbulent social history with entertaining insights, wit and humour. It tells the warm, funny and nostalgic story of his years in Belfast in the 1970s working as a paperboy delivering the Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland's leading daily newspaper) around his neighborhood. His commitment to peace and reconciliation was formed a very early stage of his life and is consistently reflected through his writing.

'Paperboy' was very warmly received by critics and the public alike, and was picked up by the publishing giant HarperCollins. The book has now been published in the UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA and Tony himself is the narrator of the audiobook.

The sequel, 'Breadboy', was published in 2013 and generated similarly high levels of critical acclaim and praise in Northern Ireland, the UK, Ireland and further afield.

Tony's third book 'All Growed Up' was published in 2014 and was acclaimed as Book of the Week by The Irish News.

In his latest book, 'Little House on the Peace Line' (Blackstaff Press, 2017) Tony tells the story of how in the 1980s he lived and worked on the peace line in North Belfast tackling poverty and unemployment and supporting young people to reject sectarianism, segregation and violence as a way of life.

Tony has performed book readings at a range of respected literary festivals including: Aspects Literature Festival, Edinburgh Book Fringe, Belfast Book Festival, Dublin Book Festival and Féile an Phobail. He has also been a guest literary speaker at the Celtic Cultural Alliance, IrishFest Milwaukee, Mediators Beyond Borders (Los Angeles) and the Chicago IBAM (Irish Books, Art & Music) Festival.

He is now a regular speaker on Northern Ireland, peace building and creative writing at universities and colleges in the USA. He has given talks at Lehigh University and DeSales University in Pennsylvania, the University of Denver, Colorado, the University of Notre Dame and Goshen College in Indiana and Pepperdine University, University of California, Irvine, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles and California State University, Dominguez Hills in California.

In 2012 the W.B. Yeats Society of New York invited Tony to present a reading of Paperboy in the National Arts Club as part of the 1st Irish Festival. In 2013 and 2014 he performed a series of readings from his books at the New York Irish Center as part of the 1st Irish Festival and returned to the National Arts Club in New York to preview 'Little House on the Peace Line' in 2016.

As a prominent writer, journalist and broadcaster, Tony has contributed to NVTV, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 2, Downtown Radio and BBC Radio Ulster.

In 2014 Tony was asked to present the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards to young people from Northern Ireland on behalf of the Earl of Wessex.

In 2016 Tony was asked to present the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards to young people from Northern Ireland on behalf of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

In 2016 Tony's first three books were translated into Braille by prisoners in the Braille Unit in Maghaberry Prison.

A review of 'Paperboy' by the Irish Independent Newspaper is here.

"This is a wholly delightful book, shedding a new and kindly light on the Shankill and those who live there" (Irish Independent)

'In a strange way, for all its nostalgia, humour and whimsical charm, Paperboy is a book with deeper significance,' (Ulster Tatler)

‎'Paperboy is an enchantingly written story of a young boy coming to terms with the world around him; a very readable romp that will appeal to nostalgic and curious readers alike.' (Review in Verbal Magazine)

‘The great thing about Tony Macaulay's delightful memoir is that it gets behind stereotypes and shows life as it was for a youngster growing up on the Shankill in the 1960s and 1970s…’ (Belfast Telegraph)

'A fantastic foray into 1970s Belfast...'Paperboy' delivers a humorous and touching account of life as seen through the eyes of a young boy living within a working class Protestant community.' (Coleraine Chronicle)

Following its success in Ireland, the book was published by HarperCollins in the UK in November 2011 and in Australia, New Zealand, Canada in 2012. The book was published in the USA in September 2013. For more information click here.

Tony's Facebook Author Fan Page is here.

Tony's second book, 'Breadboy', the sequel to 'Paperboy; was published by Blackstaff Press in Spring 2013 and became his second critically acclaimed bestseller.

'The adventures of a Belfast breadboy prove to be an uplifting tale…Breadboy offers something to diverse audiences; excruciating romantic disasters will entertain a younger age group; wry observations of loyalist Elvis worshippers and sectarian grannies will resonate with older readers. As a Lagan-side language lesson, a radio adaptation could be a treat.' (Sunday Times)

'Macaulay has succeeded in shining a powerful light into the lives of ordinary people and how they coped with circumstances of extraordinary brutality' (Belfast Telegraph)

'Tony Macaulay (whose first memoir Paperboy was a great success) has done it again…It is a tale full of courage and optimism, and simple niceness.' (Irish Independent)

'Underneath the laugh out loud humour and nostalgia for a Belfast thankfully long past, if we lean in and read closely, we find a challenging social commentary on class difference as well as the peculiar political problems of our wee bread loving city.' (Steve Stockman)

Tony's third book 'All Growed Up' was published in 2014 by Blackstaff Press.

'This is a lovely, charming story of self discovery, self awareness and throwing up in your girlfriend's mum's beige bidet.' ('All Growed Up' Book of the Week, The Irish News)

'Tony captures the strong family bonds and community that existed in seeming normality, despite the cultural turmoil of the time... Tony dons boots, leg warmers, and a buffed-up New Romantic hairstyle, taking us on a frightening trip through gaudy eighties culture, tackling The University of Ulster’s intellectual elite. His attempts to establish his intellectual and musical identity are side-splittingly funny. Returning to the family nest, he tackles ma on feminism and granny on the philosophical underpinnings of Coronation Street. The book takes on a more serious note as Tony explores his spirituality and his first ventures into love, with the quirky narrative resuming as he sets off on his quest for work. All in all, the book is a funny heart-warming tale of a journey from boyhood to manhood, nostalgically reflecting a time of stronger community and a less secular world.' (Culture Hub Magazine, 2015)

Tony's latest book 'Little House on the Peace Line' was published in 2017 by Blackstaff Press.

Tony has been given an Individual Artists Programme Award by the Arts Council for Northern Ireland and has also been awarded a residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre.

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    Here are some of Tony's most recent scripts for 'Pause for Thought' as broadcast on BBC Radio 2:

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    Here is a poem Tony wrote in 2009 about peace walls in Belfast.
    It's called 'Talking to the Wall'. The poem was published by Broadside Publishing, Goshen College, Indiana in 2014.

    Click here for a link to the animated film of the poem by by Laura Piraino