Macaulay Associates Network Ltd donates a percentage of annual profits and working hours to support positive social change projects, particularly in developing countries.

We provide voluntary consultancy services to developmental children and young people’s projects.

We also donate money to support projects addressing immediate needs of children and young people in developing countries..

In 2008 we funded a youth employment project in Zomba, Malawi. The Youth Livestock Production and Management Project supports young people to develop animal husbandry and business skills to rear, breed and sell chickens.

We also contributed to supporting young women to have life changing surgery at The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital. 

In 2009 we sponsored a group of young leaders in Hazelwood Integrated College in Belfast to raise funds for a project in Africa.

We also contributed  to sponsoring Moston to train at Hope Street for Barefeet, which uses theatre and creativity to build awareness and support people and communities in Africa affected by HIV.

In 2010 we made donations to the Disasters Emergency Committee Appeals for Haita and Pakistan.

In 2011 we supported the Disasters Emergency Committee East Africa Appeal.

In 2012 we supported Bushfire Ministries building of a school in Zambia.

In 2013 we supported The Disasters Emergency Committee Syria Appeal.

In 2014 we supported The Disasters Emergency Committee Gaza Appeal.