Supporting Organisations to Flourish

Supporting Organisations to Flourish

Executive Coaching

Tony is a qualified Executive Coach and coaches senior leaders in the voluntary, public and private sector around the globe. He is a uniquely experienced executive coach supporting senior leaders to achieve top performance. He has coached senior leaders across the world in Education, Banking, Public Sector, NGO, automotive and IT industries. As an Executive Coach he is committed to learning and his own performance improvement through coaching supervision and continuous professional development on the latest approaches to executive coaching.

He has coached ExCo and Exco -1 leaders in organisations such as RBS, HSBC, Concentrix, CDK Global, Cambridge Judge Business School, Oxfordshire County Council, George Watson College, Environmental Protection Agency, Institute of Public Health and Allen & Overy. His style focusses on identifying and changing restraining mind-sets, unlocking potential, developing creative solutions and achieving ambitious business outcomes. He combines depth and compassion with edge and challenge.

Tony Says;

I am committed to supporting leaders, organisations and communities to flourish. I support them to achieve authenticity, high performance and wellbeing. I coach leaders toward what they do want, rather than focusing on the past or what they don’t want. I challenge leaders to set courageous and ambitious goals. I provide honest and direct feedback and accountability within a high trust and confidential coaching relationship. The leaders I coach can expect a level of discomfort and disturbance that is balanced with a sincere commitment to unlocking their potential and enabling their success. This results in resilient leaders who drive ambitious business outcomes.

My unique experience in conflict resolution and inter cultural learning is combined with my experience in coaching the most senior leaders in global companies that are dealing with growth, merger, acquisition, uncertainty, ambiguity and constant change. In consultation with the relevant leaders I create the most appropriate coaching design to bridge a quantifiable performance gap in selected leaders. I am creative with bespoke coaching design and I am flexible to the meet needs, personality, location, culture and interests of each individual to fulfil their potential as a world-class leader. Here are some of the options I draw upon:

  • In the pre-coaching phase I gather information on the leaders including career path, personal style/characteristics, current alignment to the company leadership behaviours, current challenges (strategic, business and personal),initial coaching objectives, performance improvement goals and desired business outcomes. This can be achieved by either pro-forma completion or 360 interviews and preparation of a pre-coaching report.

  • I can provide half day or one day intensive coaching sessions, face to face, that are a ‘deep dive’ and focused on values, drivers and ambitions for the future, using somatic techniques such as spatial work and ‘imagineering’ an ideal future.

  • I can deliver a series of 4-6 x 2-hour coaching sessions on a 4/6-week cadence.

  • I can carry out observational coaching of a team leader in action (such as observing a team meeting or shadowing a leader for a period of time in a normal working day) with both live feedback and follow up feedback with the leader.

  • I can use psychometrics where appropriate to provide insights for coaching.

  • I can provide off site and walking/outdoor coaching sessions.

  • I can use creative techniques such as drawing, free writing and storytelling.

  • I will build into each session, on-going evaluation of the agreed coaching objectives and progress toward the performance improvement goal.

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