Supporting Leaders, Organisations, and Communities to Flourish.

Supporting Leaders, Organisations, and Communities to Flourish.

About Dr Tony Macaulay

35 years of experience in transformational leadership, managing organisational change, strategic management, conflict transformation, and social entrepreneurship.

Highly experienced executive coach and team facilitator with senior management and board-level directors.


Tony provides leadership development support to organisations to forward their vision, aspired culture, and leadership behaviours. He has worked with large organisations across the world in a wide range of sectors as Senior Associate with

Executive Coaching

Tony is a qualified Executive Coach and coaches senior leaders in the voluntary, public, and private sectors around the globe. He is a uniquely experienced executive coach supporting senior leaders to achieve top performance.

Social Change

Tony provides consultancy support (strategy, development, and evaluation) to organisations committed to creating positive social change.

Conflict Resolution

Tony brings 35 years experience of peacebuilding in Northern Ireland and other countries into conflict resolution within and between individuals, organisations and communities.

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